Saturday, April 7, 2012

An Experience buying an Air Gun

What a bunch of B.S.!   Just to buy a Pellet Pistol (air gun).  I have had guns all my life, from my first Red Rider BB gun to competition guns.  Over the years I have sold off my gun collection and recently wanted to do some tin can plinking with a pellet pistol.  So I went to one of my favorite sites Beamen's and Air Gun Depot.  At AGD, I found a nice single pump 177 cal. pellet gun used made by Ruger.  Now the problem started.  Can't ship gun to Michigan!  Michigan has so many rules regarding pistols that it's almost impossible to buy one legally.  To do so, required going to the Sheriff's Department, waiting till your turn is called, fill out this questioner, pay five dollars to have it notarized then go to a Gun shop that has a gun you wish to purchase.  the permit is only good for 10 days.  So you must have the gun and the location ready when you get the permit.  Now comes the next problem! Do to all these laws most gun shops don't carry air pistols any longer. I found a gun, not the one I wanted, but it will do.  So now comes, three pages of forms to fill out for the State Police and the FBI.  Everything must match right done to the dot above the (i) or its rejected by the State Police.  This takes about three hours and by the way, you must also purchase a gun lock! I was however lucky having been given one by the dealer.  But you cannot leave without either your own or one that you purchased.  Lastly, once all this is done, the remaining parts of the gun permit must be taken back to the Sheriff's office within the 10 day period or you are subject to a fine of $250.00. UNBELIEVABLE!

What ever happened to going into a gun shop looking over several different guns, pick one that you want; purchase it; take it home and shoot with it.  I was told this came about after 911 and when a group of kids or a gang went around shooting out car windows a few years ago.

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Air Gun Depot said...

Thanks for checking us out Don! Wish we could have helped but we're just happy that you were able to find a gun locally and can keep on plinking away.