Thursday, November 13, 2008

Paper Shipwright's 160 scale S.S. Ben Read

 Paper Shipwright's model of the S.S. Ben Read, She was a small coastal tanker plying her trade around various ports in the British Isles.  Built in 1923 for the National Benzole Company she served until 1954 when she met her fate in a collision near Northfleet on the Thames River.  Having to be beached to prevent her from sinking the Ben Read was declared a "Constructive Total Lost" and was later scraped.

Paper Shipwright's model comes in two scales, 1/250 and 1/160.  As I get older, the larger models have more appeal to me, so this model is in 1/160 scale.   These pictures show the Ben Read almost 2/3 complete.  She has been a real pleasure to build and I look forward to getting more of his models in the larger scale.