Sunday, January 30, 2011

St. Michael's Basilica by Anker

 The Basilica 

I have waited a while to get this model from Anker.  If I understand correctly, the people at Anker intend to produce stone models of historical buildings in the future with this being the first.
The stones inside
The blocks come in the usual wooden box measuring 7 1/4 inches square and contain in this case 74 stones. This represents what seems to be a new approach in marketing as the packaging is quite attractive.  Inside the box, you will find a booklet describing the Basilica in German and English. At the end of the booklet are the building diagrams which are done in the 3D style as well as the flat plan style. Also on the rear cover is the box layout instead of it being glued to the underside of the box lid. My model came from the ToyHouse, which is now owned by Jon Stolz and a thanks for getting to me by my birthday.
Once unpacked and inspected, building the model took about 15 minutes and although not something one will want to build over and over again, it would make a nice diversion for your grand kids to play with.  Or you might just incorporate the stones into your collection, as their seems to be a few new stones that I don't have in my collection such as stones 1557 (small 1/4 round) or stones 1558 (small cone).
About half built
Finished model with booklet in the background