Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Paper Model

One of my favorite paper models is this Dornier DO-27. The real aircraft was made by Dornier GmbH in Germany. This model was the first civilian model and made for the Serengeti Safari accounting for its Zebra like paint scheme. Unfortunately it crashed when it collided with an animal in January of 1958.

This paper model was made by the J.F. Schreiber GmbH also of Germany. As far as I am concerned, this is one of the best models designed by this company. When cutout and assembled the Zebra stripes line up perfectly and the parts fit just as they should. This is my third model, over the past twenty years, I have built two others. My first was made sometime in the 1980's and I had not yet mastered making the wing to perfection. My second model was made four years ago and promptly sold to a airplane buff.

Now comes this, my third model. I knew where some additional help might be needed and paid attention to these areas. One such part is the tail wheel. which is quite weak. So I doubled it by gluing it to a spare piece of card stock. Once cut out and attached to the fuselage, I coated it with "Hard as Nails" polish thus giving it more strength.

Thanks to the local florist, I was able to obtain a small amount of a green sticky gum like substance. Using this green Gummy stuff, I packed the first section of the fuselage with it and then glued the the fuselage front plate in place after boring a hole for the propellor shaft. After the propellor was finished and with a straight pin fitted inside the propellor nose cone, I push the propellor into the fuselage front and into the green gummy stuff. it held in place and now I have a really nice spinning prop. I would highly recommend this model for anyone who would like a change of pace from the more complex models.