Sunday, April 29, 2012

Titanic Part 4

Well what would be a model without some sort of damage somewhere.  In this case, the damage is to me. So lets go back in time for a brief spell; say the 1940's.  Back then, most men shaved with Gillette Double Edge Razor Blades. In order to cut out model parts that were printed on Balsa wood; it was necessary to snap a razor blade in half taping the broken edge so ones fingers could negotiate around the printed area of the part. This was not always successful and many a finger or thumb ended up with a razor cut. Then came the Gem Single Edge Blade and wow we still managed to cut a finger or thumb somewhere along the way.
Fast forward to the present and all the advance modeling tools and imagine one still being able to inflict damage to one fingers.  In this case, it was my thumb when a simple slip of the blade cut into the face of my thumb right down the center to the first joint.  Deep, but not requiring stitches. So. Well wrapped in gauze and tape my modeling has slowed to a crawl.
The damage occurred while removing some plastic which was to represent benches.  These would be replaced with photo etched benches during final assembly.  It was necessary to remove these in order for the deck to fit flat at that area.
I was able to remove three and a half of the the four benches before the mishap took place.
and early this morning with my thumb on the mend, I finished removing the fourth bench and attached the wooden deck.
"A Deck" - Where it will finely go.

Full View

Several parts yet to opened, assembled and attached.
Todays pictures, give you another photo of another deck, in this case "A Deck" the culprit; temporarily placed in position.  In these photos, one can get an idea of the amount parts yet to assembled and attached to the ship.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Titanic Part 3

The next step per the instructions call for the assembly of the Bridge Deck.  This is very simple, and only three small pieces of wooden deck was necessary.  Again for the most part, finial finishing won't take place until all the decks are assembled and ready to install on the hull.
The Stern

The bow, not the Bridge deck covers both the stern and the bow

Here you can the wooden deck in place
I have temporarily placed this deck on the hull along with the fore and stern decks to give you an idea of the progress.  None of the pieces have been permanently set in place. I only placed them there to take these pictures.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Titanic Part 2

Well I have partially finished the Fore and Stern decks and thought I might give you an insight in the construction. I will admit without reservations that if you are going to spend the money and the time to build such a model, and there are a few worth spending the above, do it right.
One of the nicest features of wooden decks, is the fact that deck accessories don't have to painted very carefully to avoid smearing paint on the deck or vise versa.  I started by painting the bulkheads white, then masking them after drying. next came the hatches brown and lastly the bollards black.  Then came the wooden decks which are self adhesive.  As you can see by the pictures they are now ready to be applied to the Stern.
Stern deck spray painted and ready for the decks.

Here you can see the deck pieces ready to be applied.
Meantime I have spayed the hull and it now rest on the base to cure for a week or so or until I need it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Building the Anniversary Model of the Titanic by Academy (Part 1)

There are many different models of the Titanic available, suffice to say all of them are inaccurate in one sense or another.  The purist among modelers like to go around with the manufacturer drawings in hand pointing out this error or that omission.  Well really who cares except those purist.
When finished each of these models looks like the Titanic.  Whether or not there are errors, the average person viewing any model looks at the over all appearance and see's a model hopefully pleasing to the eye.
This year being the Centenary of the Titanic's sinking, Academy Model Company Ltd of Korea has produced a special 1/400 scale model with many extra goodies and limited to only 5,000 kits.  My kit is number 3,515 of the 5,000.  The extras include a 150 piece jig saw puzzle of the kits Box Art, a special Titanic booklet with many pictures and the Titanic story, photo etch parts replacing many of the plastic parts to enhance the over all appearance of the model and finely wooden decks which over lay the plastic ones in the kit.
To date, I have cleaned up the hull, removing the parting line where necessary, masked and painted the the underwater portion of the hull, and attached the screws. The base was assembled so as to have a place to rest the model on during assembly.  next the hull will be flat sprayed and then given a light coat of Future Floor Wax to preserve the hull from marring during the rest of the assembly.
The kit's box showing the puzzles picture.

One cannot see the kit number in the Holograph, but it is there.

It is my intension to post future parts of this story as I progress building until the model is finished.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

An Experience buying an Air Gun

What a bunch of B.S.!   Just to buy a Pellet Pistol (air gun).  I have had guns all my life, from my first Red Rider BB gun to competition guns.  Over the years I have sold off my gun collection and recently wanted to do some tin can plinking with a pellet pistol.  So I went to one of my favorite sites Beamen's and Air Gun Depot.  At AGD, I found a nice single pump 177 cal. pellet gun used made by Ruger.  Now the problem started.  Can't ship gun to Michigan!  Michigan has so many rules regarding pistols that it's almost impossible to buy one legally.  To do so, required going to the Sheriff's Department, waiting till your turn is called, fill out this questioner, pay five dollars to have it notarized then go to a Gun shop that has a gun you wish to purchase.  the permit is only good for 10 days.  So you must have the gun and the location ready when you get the permit.  Now comes the next problem! Do to all these laws most gun shops don't carry air pistols any longer. I found a gun, not the one I wanted, but it will do.  So now comes, three pages of forms to fill out for the State Police and the FBI.  Everything must match right done to the dot above the (i) or its rejected by the State Police.  This takes about three hours and by the way, you must also purchase a gun lock! I was however lucky having been given one by the dealer.  But you cannot leave without either your own or one that you purchased.  Lastly, once all this is done, the remaining parts of the gun permit must be taken back to the Sheriff's office within the 10 day period or you are subject to a fine of $250.00. UNBELIEVABLE!

What ever happened to going into a gun shop looking over several different guns, pick one that you want; purchase it; take it home and shoot with it.  I was told this came about after 911 and when a group of kids or a gang went around shooting out car windows a few years ago.