Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Set 8 model

Yesterday rain all day; another chance to make another model from the plan book included in set 6A.  This time the model is on page 6.  A "Fortress Tower", model number one. I made a mistake in not following the drawing as close as I should have in stage "R-S".  It is only a minor mistake and results in not using four number 34 stones.  This could at any rate be an equally suited substitute.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Anker Set 6A

Thanks to Chris and his company, The Toy House, I received my 6A set yesterday.  Now with the 4 and 4A set I already have; the 6A set gives me the equivalent of an 8 set.  Saturday and rain all day, what a better time to start building.  So here is a design from the booklet that comes with set 6A.  Called a Swedish Fortress Tower, as found on page 12.
I am puzzled by one step which seems to be missing. I am not sure if this is done to provoke thought or if this missing stage was omitted in error. It occurs at the end of stage "x-y".

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Card Model Up Date

During our recent move, several of my card models were destroyed and so I have only photographs to remember them by.  Two models that I will miss the most are the two models I am presenting here.  The first model, a Roman Centurion, is from a series done in a Czech Magazine called ABC.  The magazine is published twice a month designed for young readers and each issue comes with one or two card models to cut-out and assemble.  Some of the models can be very complex and may take several issues for the entire model to be complete. I miss not receiving the magazine any longer; but like most things, the price including postage gets so high that most people outside the Czech Republic can no longer afford to subscribe.
The second model, the USAF Parasite Fighter, was designed to be carried under each wing of a B-36 or similar like aircraft. I lost the manufacturers name and place where I purchased the model and can only wish someone reading this might remember where it came from so that I could be able to buy the kit again.