Saturday, September 13, 2008

Anker Set 6A

Thanks to Chris and his company, The Toy House, I received my 6A set yesterday.  Now with the 4 and 4A set I already have; the 6A set gives me the equivalent of an 8 set.  Saturday and rain all day, what a better time to start building.  So here is a design from the booklet that comes with set 6A.  Called a Swedish Fortress Tower, as found on page 12.
I am puzzled by one step which seems to be missing. I am not sure if this is done to provoke thought or if this missing stage was omitted in error. It occurs at the end of stage "x-y".


Alex said...

I always like this high quality, educationally toys. It really fits to old and young builders. I can make a very complex building structure without thinking about the scale.

Alvaro said...

All these toys are really good and very fits to old and young builders. I think you make these toys with high quality. And I love your work. I'd love to try to make the same toy with you as my new hobby. Can you teach me?