Saturday, March 26, 2011

Revell's S-100 Schnellboot

The completed model
I have not really built a plastic model lately that I found enjoyable until now.
While browsing our local hobby shop, I came across this Revell 1/72 Scale German S-100 Schnellboot.  What made this all the more enjoyable; the price of the model was on sale, almost half the original cost.

From out of the box, the hull fit well and the deck almost snapped in place.  Parts were easily removed from the trees and the fit was right on.  A minimum amount of sanding and even less body putty was needed.  My only negative comment lies in the fact that Revell chooses not to include other paint manufactures color numbers.  I use Tamiya paints and guessed at what colors would best matched Revel's color numbers.  They do give some basic ideas as "Sea Gray, Medium Gray, Steel" etc.

The Schnellboots were used throughout the war and were very successful in destroying a good many ships.  More commonly known as E-Boats, the S-100 series was the final version and several modifications were made to the all the boats during the war years including up- grade guns and mine laying versions.  Many boats survived the end of the war and became prized war booty to many nations.

 This Schnellboot is a German produced kit and can easily be identified by the green box it comes in.  If these German made kits are an indication of the quality in these models, I look forward to building more German Revell models.  I would like to get the Gato Class U. S. Submarine in the same scale as this S-100 model (1/72), but the cost is over $100.00 and that almost puts it out of sight except that I can put it on lay-a-way which our shop offers.

The bow shows a lot of detail that is just not in many other kits.

Here is a top view, note the ropes holding the rafts to the engine exhaust.
On the other side of the coin, is Revell's PT-109.  This kit is quite old and was made by Revell when they produced kits in California.  Molded in dark green plastic. this kit will require much work to even come close to the the quality of the Schnellboot. Many details are molded right into the model and not nearly as detailed. These American produced kits come in the usual off white colored boxes often seen in the "Big Box Stores."