Monday, December 11, 2006

I know it's the time of the year to be happy, but on 7 December, 2006 we lost our beloved dog Mokie. She was sixteen and although she was sick a lot, she never let it get her down and she was always ready to go bye-bye in the car whenever we went out. Her favorite stop was the drive-in teller window at the bank. she made it well known that she wanted her withdrawal in the form of chew bones. We have cried till there are almost no tear left.

On Saturday 9 December, the hurt was so strong both my wife Joan, and myself could not stand the emptyness in the house. Our first stop after leaving our now empty abode was to the animal shelter. Here we found a stray puppy that said "I was sent by Mokie to fill the void in your heart" So home she came with us and the days have once again become full of laughs and smiles. Mokie will never be forgotten, as was our first dog Charkie.

Today we can talk about Charkie and remember the funny things that have happened like crossing the Canadian Border back into the U.S. Charkie always sat between us in the center section of the front seat. On this day, the Customs Agent gave us a quick glance and asked if "All three of us were American Citizens?" I think even today he must recall this as one of his most embarrassing moments.

It's still very hard to talk about Mokie without shedding tears, but I know the day will come when we can do so and smile at all the funny things she did. So for now, its good bye our baby and May God be holding you in his hands, and hello to Kokie! our newest member of our family!