Sunday, May 30, 2010

At Last a good 1/144 Scale Spitfire

If your a collector of 1/144 scale models, then you know the only half decent Spitfire was from 21st Century War Birds of a few years ago.  Now thanks to "F-Toys", they have three Spitfires.
all three are Mark Vb's.  One in the Polish Squadron, one U.S. Army Air Force and a Clipped wing with Invasion Strips.  I don't know if they did a Special or not.
The Spitfire you see here is a Vb in a Polish Squadron.  The model comes pre-painted and is a jewel to put together.  I built it in about an hour without adding any additional detail.  They should still be available from your favorite Japanese or Hong Kong dealer.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fortress Gate for set 8A

Having just finished a Balsa wood and tissue paper model airplane; the first, in probably 60 years give or take a year, I found I suddenly had nothing to do.  Cleaned up work bench, gave model a test flight and it flew quite well. I returned home with nothing to do.  Scanning around the room I saw my faithful Anker Stone sets waiting to be played with.
Time to pick them up and built a model before company arrives.  My cousin always gets a kick out of seeing what design I may have come up with.  I had about three hours before they arrived and it gave me just enough time to built this fortress photograph it and publish it here in my Blog.