Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Building the Anniversary Model of the Titanic by Academy (Part 1)

There are many different models of the Titanic available, suffice to say all of them are inaccurate in one sense or another.  The purist among modelers like to go around with the manufacturer drawings in hand pointing out this error or that omission.  Well really who cares except those purist.
When finished each of these models looks like the Titanic.  Whether or not there are errors, the average person viewing any model looks at the over all appearance and see's a model hopefully pleasing to the eye.
This year being the Centenary of the Titanic's sinking, Academy Model Company Ltd of Korea has produced a special 1/400 scale model with many extra goodies and limited to only 5,000 kits.  My kit is number 3,515 of the 5,000.  The extras include a 150 piece jig saw puzzle of the kits Box Art, a special Titanic booklet with many pictures and the Titanic story, photo etch parts replacing many of the plastic parts to enhance the over all appearance of the model and finely wooden decks which over lay the plastic ones in the kit.
To date, I have cleaned up the hull, removing the parting line where necessary, masked and painted the the underwater portion of the hull, and attached the screws. The base was assembled so as to have a place to rest the model on during assembly.  next the hull will be flat sprayed and then given a light coat of Future Floor Wax to preserve the hull from marring during the rest of the assembly.
The kit's box showing the puzzles picture.

One cannot see the kit number in the Holograph, but it is there.

It is my intension to post future parts of this story as I progress building until the model is finished.

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