Monday, April 6, 2009

Anker Set 6½ Pavilion

The other day I discover some designs from an early set in the GK-NS Series; Set size 6½ ältere Ausgabe. I believe these sets are from the earlier Richter Stones before they converted to the current system of measurement in standard "mm" sizes 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm etc. These corresponding approximately to the American inch system of measurement.

The model required a little modification at the ceiling line to make it all fit as the plan shows. As I own a few sets and some odd stones, it was not a problem to solve. If I am incorrect in my assumption about the measurements of this series, please let me know so I may correct this.


Alan said...

All GK [='Grosse Kaliber" = "large caliber"] sets are 25mm basis.

KK [='Kleine Kaliber" = "small caliber"] sets were 20mm basis.

Within each of the size series there were various differences in set makeup, at different times, or for different markets.

See for a good summary of the various Ankerstein series. That site also offers CDroms with hundreds of scanned plan books for various sets.

Poking around at will turn up many downloadable plans (click on images for larger versions) for alternate series -- since the stones are compatible, all are usable if you have enough stones, and there are usually comments about potential shortfalls.

Alan said...

Well, I didn't do too well with that comment -- The NS series has some different arches (split in two pieces) that are a little harder to come by but can usually be substituted for.

Searching for "NS" [click here] turns up more discussion of where the problems are and how much can be done with standard NF arches.

Model Builder said...

Thanks for your comments, will do more research and publish results when I'm sure.

Have been a little concerned about you. Have not seen an up-dated page on your Blog sense January.

Alan said...

Well, you seem to have nudged me over the edge for a new Block Play post.


Finishing the taxes yesterday helped as well.

NS may be the most confusing of the major Ankerstein series, since it both followed and preceded the GK-NF.

It doesn't help that both designations translate as "new series"

Model Builder said...


Alan said...

Assuming your "amen" refers to the "new series" confusion, George Hardy's set series page may translate three different German terms as "new series" but you don't have to. It is just as accurate to translate

NF = Neue Folge = New Following (or new sequence, if you don't care about matching the abbreviation)

NR = Neue Reihe = New Row

while retaining

NS = Neue Serie = New Series

The English may not be as smooth, but it may be easier than learning German. That German uses the three terms almost interchangeably for "series," while also using the meanings of the English translations, isn't our fault, and English speakers shouldn't have to be punished for it.

Or simply learn the German terms & use them. ;)

And to be fair to George, he is probably just carrying forward translations created by the company.