Saturday, March 14, 2009


Many of you may not be aware that Anker-Richter produced many stone puzzle sets in the early years when that sort of thing was in Vogue. Many of these early puzzles are very rare and hard to find. Now thanks to the new Anker Company, some of these sets however; are once again available.

With board gaming becoming the (new stay at home - spending time with the family), "in thing"; stone puzzles are enjoying some return to popularly. The Tamgram puzzles being without a doubt the most popular. Using seven stones, the designs are almost unlimited. Many web sites are devoted to creating and preserving hundreds of designs. The Anker Steinbaukaston Company today has made available several different stone puzzle sets which cam be purchased in the States from

Chris I believe stocks all the puzzle sets of which there are six.

The Puzzler (Tamgram)
The Egg of Columbus
The Circular Puzzle
The Heart Puzzle
The Nine Puzzle
the Wrath-Breaker Puzzle.

So I have put my new Flip Camcorder to use once again to give you a little idea of the Tamgram Puzzles by making three different designs. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Great fun! You've inspired me to get out my own Tamgram set tonight and do some 'puzzling'... Thanks!

snulton said...

I recently discovered my Grandfathers set of stone puzzles. In the box (which he hand crafted) are the 17 original sets (from 1891-1913) with the booklets and description sheets. These all are stamped "Made in Germany" on the front label, and sold as "Union Stone Puzzles". Some of the booklets have my grandfather's notes as to the relative difficulty of the shapes. Also in the box are "Richter Stone Puzzles" #s 26, 27, 30, 35, 36, which I believe were sold between 1919 and 1937. The booklets are marked "f. Amerika" and "Made in Germany". My Grandfather was in the Merchant Marines and the U.S. Navy and the puzzles were what he entertained himself with on long voyages.