Friday, March 13, 2009

William Seppeler's Barn

Having seen William Seppeler's Barn on his Blog, I just had to make it. The design is simple and makes a really nice little model for builders of any age.

I have tried to encourage William to make a CD of his plans for any of us who would like to keep his plans for the future.
Thanks William for the nice model!


releppes said...

You're welcome Don!

I'd like to create a book someday. For now, I'll share what I have when I can.

Nice photos!

Emma said...

Keep plans for the future is an important thing to do. All plans must be prepared to reach what we want. It does not only need to prepare but we should realize our plans.

Gregory said...

How can you make it? It is excellent. I would appreciate it if you can give me the step by step in making the building. It will be good to make it in my free time.

Tom said...

It is a good concept of building. It is simple but has more rooms for any function. The pattern created is also awesome and I really like your idea about the building.