Sunday, April 26, 2009

Anker Grabkapelle by Rolf Fritsche for Set 8

Grabkapelle as near as I could translate is a Funeral Chapel or perhaps just a small chapel located on church grounds or the like.

This model is just one of many designs by Rolf Fritsche. It was designed for use with stones up to set 8 or set 6 and set 6A which makes a set 8. As I have several extra stones, I substituted a few stones during the building process such as one number red 15 for two number red 19's and one red 19 for two red number 210's.

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Alan said...

Nice work!

I think I'd call that a Mausoleum.

You might want to try out the free software ShiftN ( ) for automatically correcting perspective funniness. It will take all the supposed-to-be-vertical lines and make them parallel and upright - your second picture shows quite an improvement in the building, but needs to be less tightly framed to give room to crop the results. Play with it a bit and you'll see what I mean.

I use ShiftN for a lot of the structure images in