Saturday, February 7, 2009


I really have not published much about our dog Schula.  Schula is a survivor from the animal shelter.  Apparently she was born in Mexico and brought here where she was given to the shelter.  She was adopted and returned.  After we lost our third dog Kokie we were devastated.  Kokie was born with a heart defect and we lost her in just three months. Having searched pet shops, private sales and other shelters in the area; we were about to give up finding a replacement for our beloved Kokie. 

Thus the Macomb animal shelter was our last stop for the day.  We had been there before and had  not see anything we liked.  On this day, it was approaching closing time and we had only 45 minutes or so to find a dog and start the adoption paperwork.  Schula made herself known almost immediately upon seeing us.  So we took her to a room where both dog and humans can get aquatinted.  Schula knew she was going with us although we had not yet realized this.  Joan, my wife, said we should take her, as it was getting late and neither of us wanted to spend still another night in a lonely pet-less home.

While completing the adoption paperwork, an officer called my wife aside.  "I hope you are going to adopt her", he said.  "Yes, my husband is paying for her now, Why?"  She is on the list to be euthanized after closing today.  "Why?" Asked my wife. "She was returned once already and has been here for three days without anybody even asking about her, and she has some separation issues."  "I know you and your husband will be able to help her become a good dog, I can see the love you both have for her in yours eyes; and I have never seen her tail wag so hard when your husband is in the room."  "She tries to climb all over him."

That was almost 2-1/2 years ago.  We are still learning how to deal with her issues; for you see Schula is a mixed Terrier, and very high energy; also we believe she is afraid she will be abandoned again.  For our age, it's a real effort to keep her in check all the time, but either we are learning to adopt or Schula is.  School's still out on that.

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