Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Apple iPhone and an Application

As many of you know I own an Apple iPhone and yes! here in the states I was one who waited in line to purchase one on Release Day.  I was fortunate to wait only 45 minutes or so.  I was not in time to purchase an 8 GB phone as they were already sold out, but did get a 4 GB model.  I loved it the day I purchased it and still do today.  I won't up-grade until the next generation model is released; but in the meantime am enjoying mine to no end.   Apple has released the iPhone code to developers World wide to make applications for the iPhone.

One such application is called "Color Splash".  This application allows you to take your digital photos and highlight parts in color and the application sells for 99 cents USD from Apple's iTune Store.  In the States and I presume World wide, a great many television commercials are aired in Black and White with only the main product in color.  This picture is a good example of what I did with one of my photos.

In order for this to work, your original must be in color.  Any digital photo can be used.  I took this photo on the Detroit River during Detroit's 300 Anniversary parade of tall ships.

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