Saturday, February 21, 2009


First off, I'm sorry for the misspelling of the word entrance in the movie you are about to watch.  

I had a chance to purchase a brand new "Flip Camcorder" at a very good price recently and just received it.  What better test to try with it, but to use my anker Stones to create a structure.  So here is an Entrance Gate from set number 4.  Note in the set they refer to it as a "Theatre", It looks more like a portal or a gateway to me.

The last few moments are a little shaky as I did not have the camera set so as to include the top of the structure well enough; so I had to hand pan around the building thus causing the shakiness.


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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching your careful technique. Using the graphed blotter (not sure what to call it) as a building surface is a great idea. Thanks for taking the time to share.