Friday, January 16, 2009

Todays Pictures 2

Here's three for today, note the yellow arch was first placed the wrong way.


Alan said...


I think most 'assembly' photo series are actually shot backwards, by starting with an assembled structure, then removing groups of stones between making images.

Model Builder said...


I think that may be a little hard in many cases. I have seen many large buildings from George Hardy's web site and it would almost impossible to build it first, then remove a layer at a time. My hands are not the steady to remove stones without knocking other stones off. In this model, I truly did start from the ground up. Have not seen much new on your Blog lately. What's in the mill?

Alan said...

Well I can understand the unstable hands issue - that's part of why I haven't done much Ankerstein lately -- there's also the holiday craft turmoil which requires anything I do to be portable. Hence the Bayko & fischertechnik, both of which can be moved in mid-assembly.

Currently, I've been doing more jigsaw puzzles than block play -- though I did fool around with a wooden harbor block set a few days ago, and built some small fischertechnik yesterday, so if things stay clear, there should be some new blog posts soon.

George's stuff is certainly photograph-as-you go, but that large stuff is illustrating phases, not step -by-step. I certainly couldn't manage to photograph even small models as I go, I'd never get them built -- transitions are difficult & disruptive. When I was told about building them, then photograph during disassembly, it was like a light bulb going on for me -- not that I have managed to do that yet.

I always enjoy your posts -- they even tempt me to get out some of the unassembled cardboard model kits I've accumulated over the years -- but the times when I might manage a project without undo/redo options are few and far between. Cutting & gluing are pretty much limited to easily replaced raw materials or small repairs, and even then are rare.

Now I'm off to walk a labyrinth.

Melissa Goodsell said...

It's looking great - we look forward to checking every day!

Abbs said...

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