Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And some more steps

Todays pictures


Mel Goodsell said...

It's looking great! We're curious to know which Anker sets you own.

Model Builder said...


Lets see now... at one time I own all the sets up to 18A
them my job went away and I forced into an early retirement. Now nine years later, I have been able to obtain one very old Number 1-1/2 Bridge set. Very small set with about 22 stones to steel bridge parts. 2 new Number 4 and 4A. One number 6A and one number 8A. perhaps 18 or 19 odd stones collected here or there and one new Heinzelmännchen Set. 2 Gernegross Miniature Sets (fits in ones pocket and one Gernegross I made up myself. You can see pictures of these by going earlier on my pages here. If you would like the Gernegross set, an American dealer I do business with has some left and I am sure he would be willing to send it it Australia. It sell for about $35.00 USD.

Melissa Goodsell said...

Thankyou for sharing your Anker stone sets with us. You would have no doubt built some amazing and spectacular structures when you owned up to 18a, I'm sure it would have been very hard parting with them - so great that you're building up another collection though.
The miniature set I did see on your blog and it's adorable. I'll keep that in mind later on, but right now we're saving for 8a. I've told James if he saves half with his pocket money (and some leftover birthday money) that we'll pay the other half for him. It will be interesting to see how he goes as he's been collecting Star Wars (new and vintage) for the last 8 years and they tend to eat a hole in his pocket - I'm really hoping he keeps saving though for the stones!!