Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1/144 Scale Models

Today I share with you some pictures of my 1/144 scale model collection.

To the left is a model of the Fairly Swordfish biplane.  This type of aircraft help sink the mighty German Battleship Bismarck.  The model is made by F-Toys in Japan and comes almost fully painted and assembled. Adding the tail, some touch up paint here and there and she is almost finished.  Of course rigging is not done and I used fine black plastic hairs from a paint brush for rigging which helps the appearance of the model.

This next set of pictures represents the U.S.C.G. C-130 Hercules transport by Mini-Craft Model, likewise a 1/144 scale model.  The kit is molded in white plastic. and contains a full set of Coast Guard markings decal sheet.

The model took about a month to finish.  Most of the parts fit with no major problems.  I did modify the props so they would spin easily. After painting, I sprayed the entire model with Future Floor Wax and let it dry for almost three weeks before I attempted to decal the model.


Alton said...

It is complicated to make, isn't it? It is good work. It is like the real plane, the difference is just on the size.

Ryan said...

Those were great replicas. I also consider myself as a big fan of this art. Besides the 'army model', Fokker is also my favorite. Anyway, I find you paint it by yourself. That's really cool. Keep up that work.