Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Titanic Part 9 (Finished?)

Amid ships shot
Well it's been a few weeks since I lasted updated my Blog on the Titanic.  During that time, almost all of the deck, bow and stern have been finished.  To be certain, there were some minute PE parts that did not make it on the model.  Either from the instructions I could not see where they went or these PE parts were so small as to not work well with my eyes and my fingers. One of the main features yet to be added are the deck benches. and the radio antenna.
The bow
The story gets interesting from this point.  On the weekend June 9th and 10th, our complex held its annual Garage Sale.  I thought I might put the Titanic out on the table to see if it would draw people to our sale.  Some two hours later, a young boy rode up on his bike and stared open mouthed at the Titanic model.  I also had on the table a Monogram B-25 that turned out not bad, but certainly not one of my best.  The young lad looked at it and "Wow!" was his comment.  "is that the Titanic"? he asked.  Yes, it is.  "How much do you want for this airplane"?  Remembering my youth and the models or toys I was given, I told him he could have it for $2.00.  He pulled out some money and paid me the money, taking it in his hand, hopped on his bike and was gone.
About twenty minutes pasted and he comes back with his Dad.  They both started looking at the Titanic and making comments like "Such a detailed model, look their are the collapsable boats and the derricks.  Look how the funnels have the support wires, did you build it this"?  "It's a beautiful model. so highly detailed."  "Yes, I built it."  "You did a beautiful job, is it for sale"? he asked.  I replied yes and told him the price.  His son said "Dad are you going to but it?  He said I want your Mom to see it.  He thanked me and they left.
Another twenty minutes or so past and here comes the lad with his, Mom and sister.  She took a quick glance at the model and ask if I would hold it till the first of July as that's when she gets paid on the 30th of the month.  She wants to buy it for her husbands birthday.  She told me he is really into the Titanic as his Great, Great Aunt was a Titanic surviver.  She then looked at both her children and told them not to say a word about this to their father, and made them promise.  I took the model off the table and told her I would hold it.  she promised she would be back on the 1st and pay for it.
So now it sit on the shelf where I have been folding the deck benches and preparing to put them where they belong on the various decks.  By the time the 1st arrives, it should be totally done.  So after the 1st, look for a Titanic Part 10.

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