Thursday, May 3, 2012

Titanic Part 5

The thumb is on the mend, so it's back to building the titanic.  I have painted and removed all the deck chairs where necessary and applied the wooden decks.  Per the instructions it looks like they want the rest of the decks and stacks built before assembling all the decks to the sides and attach the whole unit as one piece.
As yet, I have not decided on how I will tackle this next step.  I have assembled two of the chairs and placed them on the Bridge deck as shown where I removed two plastic ones early on in the construction, one on each side.
Here the remaining decks have been laid in place for these pictures

The stern gives a good view of the screws

looking carefully, you can see the deck chair, not yet painted on the deck just to the right of the hatches

Another view of the bow.
Stay tuned, I may not be updating until I have figured a way to go and have proceeded.

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