Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012 - LCAC Hovercraft

Christmas brought a 1/350 scale model of the Navy's LCAC Hovercraft by MRC.  It is a small but cute little model.  The entire model composes of 18 parts and measures less then three inches in length with two kits per blister package.
Total building time was about nine hours spread over five days including the diorama that the model now sets on.  Most challenging was painting the top surfaces of both side superstructures.  The diorama was constructed of a small piece heavy board stock given to me from a friend.  It came out of the zipper type garment bags used to store clothes.  The wood frame was cut from a wood paint stirring paddle thanks to Home Depot.  Water was from a small piece of Triang plastic sea from their 1/1200 scale waterline ship models.  This material has not been available in over forty years. Even today it is hard to find something suitable to serve as water without going into a large modeling project such a Woodland Scenics.
Completed model on the package it came in

The tan piece represents the beach which the hovercraft
 is about to come ashore on.

Here is the stern view with it's two large fan power plants.

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