Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Squadron Encore Models

 The Sopwith Camel
The other day while visiting our local hobby shop, I found some kits in plastic bags.  Marked on the package was "Squadron Encore Models". There were at least three or four different models as I recall and I purchased two of them as the price was somewhat attractive at $9.95 each. The packaging does not allow one to see much of the contents inside as on one side of the bag has a color drawing of the aircraft inside. The model itself is inclosed in the instruction folder which covers the other side of the bag.  So needing something to do over the weekend, I took two models home, they were the Sopwith Camel and Albatros D.V in 1/72 scale.
Upon opening them I discovered they are Roden kits from the Ukraine. They appear to be early molds as the have a fair amount of flash and are somewhat of a poor fit.  Having several years of modeling experience behind me, these two kits only presented a little challenge.  I begin with the Sopwith Camel and it was finished in two days.  Some of the points that need to addressed to aide in construction are:
1.  Enlarge all holes for wing struts.
2.  Likewise with the landing gear.
3.  I found the joy stick and rudder pedal are not visible, so I omitted them.
4.  Some extra care is needed on the rear rudder and stabilizer.
5.  Sand off all stubs on both wings as they make it almost impossible to apply the decals.
6.  Great care is needed when applying the decals.

Albatros D. V
Likewise the Albatros presents its own unique set of problems as follows:
1.  The wings are separate pieces and are butt joined and glued. I used "Super-Glue".
2.  Again enlarge all strut locations.
3.  The struts are very weak and care is needed when glueing the wings to the struts.
4.  Same holds true to the under carriage.
5.  The German Iron Crosses are separate pieces white and black.
6.  Great care is needed when applying decals as they are very thin.
The Albatros also took two days to build.  The rigging was done with paint brush hairs in black from a 3 inch cheap brush purchased at our local hardware store. When one views each model at normal viewing distance, they look quite presentable.

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