Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Mosaic Pattern

Yesterday, my brakes let me know in no uncertain terms that they have reached the end of their life.  Our neighbor across the street refused to let us pay to have our car towed and said he would do our brakes on Wednesday. He said he would stop on the way home tonight and pick up the pads and rotors so we would be all set on Wednesday when he comes home from work.
In the meantime, idle hands can become the devils workshop; so it's said.  Bearing that in mind and knowing I  have some more Laser Cut card models coming from Japan shortly, I did not want to get involved in any major task.  The grass has been raked from winters trash and fertilizer spread.  Snow shovel stored, (Were not going to have anymore snow, are we Lord?).
Ah! Now is a perfect time to get out the Mosaic set and play a while.  After making several different patterns, I chose this one from the Mosaic Set Book 2.

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