Friday, January 29, 2010

Modified 'Barocks Parktor' with Mosaic

Having become more familiar with the Anker Mosaic Set now that I have had it for almost a week, I wanted to find a way to incorporate a mosaic pattern into one of many plans that are available for download. I chose Dieter Wellmnan's 'Barocks Parktor' as a good model to give the mosaic set a work out. The pattern I used comes from Richter's Mosaic Set 1 plan book which can be seen by visiting: I must admit it took more then a few attempts before I begin to get the pattern to fit. The Mosiac Set, although it is new, is made from the older NF series size mold. This means the pattern stones do not integrate perfectly with the newer NS sets.

So the first challenge was to find a way to make the pattern fit inside the frame on Dieter's plan. I had to leave a slight space both on the width and length, perhaps two mm's or so to allow the pattern to fit. This can be seen in both pictures see the little black space in the front and side view. Next I started at one end and placed stones in order of the printed pattern I was following. When I was almost finished, I realized I had not taken into account that the third star would not match the first star. This meant I had to re-adjust the first star so the third star would be equal to the first. Once this was done, the floor pattern was done.

The next challenge came in placing the building base stones so that everything would line up according to Dieter's plan. It was a easy fix; I added four number 69 stones, two on each end where the building joins the patio part. This can be seen in the side view picture. The rest of misfit would be covered by other stones and easily hidden from view. Finishing the model was of course just a matter of following Dieter's plan.

Rather then take this apart just yet, I may try other patterns.

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