Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Simple Paper Model

People will often ask me when I mention that I build models from paper or card stock, "You mean like paper dolls?" No, I answer I build 3d volumetric models. So I go on to explain the different types.
Then I'm often asked if I cut out the models with scissors; so I explain that I use a straight edge and modeling knife like an Exacto; cut, fold, shape and glue.
For this reason, I present here a simple model that took no longer then six hours from start to finish. I cut out each piece before assembly to give you the idea of how simple it is to build.
I added a few personal touches to help improve the model. I added a core board base. Circles are laminated to thicker stock to make them more rigid. Colored the edges with a black tip marker.
As to what it is I cannot tell you. It's to small to be a pencil holder. Perhaps it was meant to hold coins as the Totem Head can be removed. It again is a model included in the ABC Magazine that I have mentioned before in this Blog.


Bernard said...

well, I really excited to try one. but, i'd like to know about the time that i will spend while i making one. it would take a long time or depend on the shape?

Alvaro said...

interesting,,,I have ever tried origami and it's kinda difficult for me. I want to try this one, maybe I could find my success on it.