Friday, May 2, 2008

Making my own Gernegroff Set

When I first received my Anker Gernegroff Set, the idea came to me to duplicate the set in opposite colors.  I contacted Chris Baldwin about getting stones.  As usual he never lets me down and I was soon in possession of several stones.  Also the small corner pieces and small steeple.  It did not take long to decide to make my own set using my newly acquired stones.  

As I make card models as another hobby and sometimes sales,  making my own box was a snap. Measuring the original, I cut, fitted, glue and sanded my new box.  Then I gave it a coat thinned down Elmer's glue to protect the surface. I used cardboard about twice the thickness of the cardboard you find on the back of any tablet.  Taking the original Anker box top, I scanned the image at 100% transfered the image to a drawing program, it this case, Microsoft Paint. Removed the Anchor and typed in my initials.  Next the process of laying all the stones I had;  hoping to fill the box.  It took several different arrangements before I settled on the you see in picture below.

Now I would never think of using the original set without including my personalized set.


releppes said...

Hi Don, I like your idea of a KG expansion set. Very nice. How much did it cost to order the custom blocks?

Alan said...
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Alan said...

This looks great. :)

I had no idea that any specialty stones were made in the tiny size other than those actually used in the Kleine Gernegroß.

Most of the standard stones in the KG are actually the small stones from GK sets, such as #69, #31, etc.

I will have to check with Chris about these.

What fun. :)