Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's been a while

Wow! How time passes when your having fun. This is my first post in several months. I have been busy building Plastic kits mainly Tamiya 1/48 armor kits. We have a new puppy her name is Schula and she is now 19 months old and a holy terror. Schula came from Mexico and loves heat, although related to the Pit Bull family Schula is a Stratfordshire Terrier who would rather play with people over other dogs. Her color is Brindle meaning she is brown with black strips all over her body. She loves to go the dog park and has a few friends she plays with. Rocket, Champ, LuShun, Bella, Shadow and Carli our her favorites. We take her to a local Dog Park in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

Other then that, I have always loved building things with the Anker Stone Blocks. These blocks date back to the 18th Century and were manufactured in Germany. After many many years, the company was re-opened and the blocks once again are being manufactured. I had several sets in the pass but was forced to sell almost all my sets when we went through some hard times. Now I have slowly started to re-supply myself with stones and sets.

This about brings things current or at least close to current for now.

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